Getting 3D work done, well done.

From idea to production,
Making 3D projects come true, since 2018.

Areas of expertise we love sharing.

3D printing service

  • Competitive pricing
  • Affordable Worldwide shipping
  • Wide range of materials

Project conception & industrialization

  • Prototyping purposes design
  • Production ready designs
  • Ease of integration with our factoryless manufacturing supply chain

Immersive content creation

  • Volumetric content creation, from pre-production to integration
  • Immersive environment scanning and creation
Latest news

3D printing service now shipping worldwide 🎉

Worldwide shipping now available for all materials and all finishes.
All that, while keeping our prices as competitive as before.


Cutting-edge techs training 🧑‍đŸĢ

Boost innovative techs adoption and instill best practices within your organization.

Our four first courses, already available in conference and long format :

  • Additive manufacturing & AM supply chain
  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Volumetric content creation for immersive experiences

From conception to industrialization 💡

Work with our team, providing you with all the expertise required to go from the idea to industrialization.

Our conception capabilities :

  • Electronics
  • Software development
  • Mechanical engineering
  • CAD

Ready to go to production ? Leverage our factory-less industrialization capabilities :

  • Standard & custom plastic & metal manufacturing
  • Electronics sourcing
  • Cost-efficient worldwide shipping logistics
Content creation

Immersive content creation 🕹ī¸

Work with our team, providing you with all the expertise required to go from the project outline to final production.

Our specializations :

  • Virtual / Mixed Reality Experiences
  • Volumetric capture content production
  • Virtual environments
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